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What Brings You to the River?

Four main currents flow through the Sacred River.  Each point of entry is rich with practices, ceremonies and techniques to assist you in your pursuit of vision, purpose, and a path with heart. Each of these four is both self-sufficient and complementary. Your initial entry point is the one that calls you most strongly.

Deep MEditation



Anubhava Meditation offers the possibility of going beyond mere relaxation and stress release. It Is a doorway to the unconditional joy that abides within as our true nature.Its very name means 'direct experience'.  Far beyond guided imagery, not requiring any belief system or extreme lifestyle, this effortless practice is both gentle and potent. As part of your daily practice it will remove impediments and reveal your inner exquisiteness more and more in the days, weeks and years to come.Initiation into this practice is over a three day period. All levels are welcome. Start where you are. To emerge unchanged is not possible. Let's start a conversation.

"I have been studying under Graham for 3 years and have learned a lifetime of wisdom & treasure-trove of spiritual practices. The Anubhava Meditation that Graham teaches is an initiatory, sacred, and safe practice that has stood the test of time.

Each year, retreat and level that I take the practice deeper, the Transcendent becomes more alive inside of me; disillusion and fleeting desires fade as my true inner nature emerges. A major factor of my success during this process has been Graham's continued guidance, support and companionship."


-Dan Ellis

Atlanta, GA

Yoga Teacher

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"Sacred River House is Shambhala, a place of peace. In this mystical harmonious setting, I can truly experience the infinity of nature’s vibrations and the nurture of the enveloping woods. Learning and practicing meditation with Graham has opened the door to a greater divine consciousness and aided by this power of light and bliss I am discovering my true self.


His knowledge and guidance instill serenity, steadfastness and compassion that give me the courage and strength to discover what I need to let go of in order to uncover my inner nature; to acquire a new consciousness; and to relate to the world around me with joy, love and peace. With gratitude and love."


-Earline Wilcott

Atlanta, GA


"I can count on one hand the number of people who have had a fundamental impact on my life and Graham is one of those special people.  Since our days at PYC, and most recently through Sacred River House, his teachings and gift of meditation continue as a gentle pulse in my life.

Much like his laid-back nature, Graham’s teaching of Anubhava meditation is one of ease and accessibility, and, always, effortless.  It’s like taking a walk with a dear friend to watch a sunset.  Even for me, someone whose meditation journey has been, at times, a bit clunky like square wheels, Graham’s relatable guidance and unwavering support have been vital in developing a meditation practice that is a natural, sustaining part of my life.

He is simply, one-of-a-kind, much like this beautiful practice, and I am forever grateful I’ve been able to take a walk with him."


-Lauren Filbeck

Atlanta, GA

vision journy


Medicine Walks and Vision Fasts

From the walkabout of Australian bush people to the vision fast of Native Americans to mountain prayer walks of Taoist monks, conscious seekers the world over have long resorted to the hills, deserts and thick forests for guidance, inspiration and realignment with inner and outer Nature. Sacred River House itself is an oasis of comfort and hospitality in one of the most bio-diverse regions of North America. It is your point of departure and of return. Various programs ranging from one day to one week are offered. Guided medicine walk (a day hike) is a prerequisite for first time pilgrims before a vision fast. Reflecting the steps of a Vision Fast, the Medicine Walk ceremony is a solo pilgrimage through the looking glass of Nature. The natural world conspires with Soul to provide symbols and signs of your inner journey.


The Hike is a metaphor of your path, and will provide personal insights to assist you on your way through life. A typical schedule consists of the following:

~ On arrival day, set up a tent or take a comfortable room in the House.

~ Meet to discuss the logistics of the weekend.

~Dinner will be served, followed by teachings on the Four Directions. What is their relevance to your upcoming Medicine Walk? How are they a tool for understanding our relationship with inner and outer nature, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

~ Time for questions and to refine your intention for your Medicine Walk. Your intention might be a question you take with you: What do I need to let go of in order to move forward with my life? Am I ready to take the next step? What is my medicine? What do I need in my life to be whole? What gift do I have to offer to my people for their healing? Who are my people?  Find the question and carry its seed with you when you go out on the land.

The next morning you will rise at dawn. We will do ceremony and you will begin your walk. You will bring only water, emergency food, a journal and a few other items that will serve your journey.At the conclusion of your Medicine Walk, you will return to Sacred River House to share the story of your walk. We will listen to you with the ears of the heart and mirror back, honoring what we hear, deepening your understanding of how the Sacred Other spoke to you through the land and its inhabitants.     Back to Top.

Ladybug Journey


Retreats offered by Sacred River follow a number of different themes. You can receive life-changing initiation into Anubhava Meditation on a weekend retreat.  Other retreats are a mixed bag of soulful camaraderie, deep personal reflection, and just plain fun.While we love the unmatched beauty of Sacred River, we also offer occasional larger retreats at other venues in the North Georgia mountains.  See our Events page. Or email us and tell us what you want.Typical joys of coming on a Sacred River retreat are:

  • Connecting with others of like mind and heart

  • Chanting and storytelling around the fire pit under a million stars

  • Real conversations with real people

  • Yoga on the 75' deck overlooking the river

  • Feeding the ravenous trout

  • Sharing music (bring an instrument if you'd like)

  • Day Hike (see Medicine Walk description)

  • Reconnecting with Nature

  • Personal Ecstatic Baptism (jump into the river and come alive.

  • Drum circle


"Attending Graham's retreats always brings about the change I might not even realize my spirit is seeking. Connecting with others, sharing this experience together, all brings me into a deeper state of being in the world. The last retreat I attended, I met new friends, deepened my yoga practice, and learned more

about my self. There's always a special healing that happens when you go outside your comfort zone of 'I'll just stay home' and instead decide to go on an adventure. You come alive again, you experience the innocence of fresh moments immersed in nature. I consider Sacred River House not just as a place to go and do yoga, relax, and meditate, but as a place where I transform into the next phase of my life, the next chapter in my being, shedding the old and welcoming the new."

-Kyle Bennett

Atlanta, GA

Yoga Teacher, Musician

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individual work


We are here to support you, to assist you, to guide your personal retreat as much or as little as you wish. Receive a yoga therapy session or meditation instruction with Graham. Experience Healing Touch with Rosane.  Enjoy home-cooked food and comfortable accommodations at the House, or pitch a tent on our land.


Sometimes we need free time to wander and find our own way to speak to and listen to the land. To wash Atlanta off of you.  To experience the living presence, the sentience of the trees, the river. To discover or remember that you are not alone.  The earth will be your intimate companion today.


Let us pack you a picnic lunch and send you out on a trail. We are surrounded by National Forest. Or chill out on the deck and be serenaded by the sounds of the crystal clear Upper Tallulah River. It runs right through our front yard, just a few feet from the house.

What do you want to have happen at Sacred River?

Let's plan your visit.


"I visited Sacred River House in July.  While there, I decided to get a Healing Hands session with Rosane.  I’m beyond happy I did!!!  Rosane’s presence is amazing.  She has this gift of peace, and light and healing that I have not experienced  before.  The space also feels pure.  I felt how energy shifted and after the session I immediately felt better.  Her voice and touch are so healing, Rosane is the perfect channel for this beautiful healing work. I look forward to my next session! Most Grateful"


-Vilma Cardona

Atlanta, GA

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What did you come to heal?


The river is lively and invigorating at places, the crystal clear rapids sparkling among the rocks.At other spots, like the swimming holes, it is quiet, gentle, meandering.  It is there that the mind settles and one feels drawn to sit in silence on the bank. Just to sit and listen...What did you come to heal?      Back to Top.


The sound seems to wash through your mind and body. You can feel an uplifting sense of happiness, euporia, partly due just to the beautiful setting. But beyond that, the air circulating around the rapids contains millions of negative ions shown by studies to increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and uplift spirits.


What brings you to Sacred River? Are you coming for nurturance? Or do you want the river to bring you alive? Draw near to the water as to a waiting lover. Some folks are content to stroll along the river, admiring the scenery. You may be tempted to dip your toes in. The next thing you know, you may be wading in the water. Some people just can't resist and they plunge all the way into the exhilarating, crystal clear deliciousness, emerging with a yell of aliveness and pure joy. Under our bridge, the trout here are protected from the fisherman's hook- instead of them feeding us, we feed them. You can make some new friends. We have plenty of fish food.      Back to Top.


What does the River whisper to you? 


You are in the very same river that the Cherokee and their predecessors used for healing and rejuvenation of their wounded warriors and elderly. The same waters they used for religious rituals and healing rites.The river is lively and invigorating at places, the crystal clear rapids sparkling among the rocks.At other spots, like the swimming holes, it is quiet, gentle, meandering.  It is there that the mind settles and one feels drawn to sit in silence on the bank. Just to sit and listen...

What brings you to the Sacred River?      Back to Top.

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