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About Graham Fowler and Rosane Simas

Graham Fowler delights in his great fortune of co-founding Sacred River House with his wife Rosane in the North Georgia mountains on the banks of the Upper Tallulah River. Together, they offer a haven for city dwellers who want to restore the cellular memory of who they are beyond conditioning, the memory that they are not alone, that they are not separate from Nature, and that they carry a unique gift that only they can give to a world that needs it.

Rosane has a gift of healing that is palpable from first encounter. There must be fifty ways people receive her light.
The house is imbued with her light spirit. The food she prepares feeds the soul. And her therapeutic healing touch sessions are solace for the heart and healing for the body.

Fowler has over 45 years of unbroken daily meditation practice. During that time he studied with and received initiation from many Indian and Western masters.
As founder of Peachtree Yoga Center, Fowler has trained and validated over 800 yoga teachers. In addition to many years' study of yoga, he has training in Gestalt practices and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

As a child, Graham found the woods to be a source of healing, perspective, and joy. This thread has continued into adulthood, leading him to go on numerous four-day solo vision fasts and wilderness-based retreats.

He delights in assisting others with outer and inner encounters of their true nature through personal instruction in effortless, deep meditation and through conversations with  the other-than-human inhabitants of the natural world.

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